200-300 leads per month

...or more. watch our marketing documentary to find out how.

The Platform System

Enthusiastic Seller Leads

Do you want seller leads that are actually serious about listing their home? Platform generates warm seller leads that fill out detailed applications. We go much deeper than the typical "find out how much your home is worth" ads.

Motivated, Pre-screened Buyer Leads

Finally, a steady flow of qualified buyer leads. Using our proprietary "High Hanging Fruit" strategy, we generate motivated buyer leads that fill out detailed applications. You'll get their contact information, budget, even their self-reported financial and credit history. Spend your time working with 5-star buyers!

Retargeting Ads (Just Like The Pro's)

Stay in touch with your prospects—without annoying them. It used to take hours and hours (and hundreds of dollars in postage stamps) to stay "top of mind" with your database. Those days are long gone! Using our advanced retargeting strategy, you can stay top of mind with your leads. And the best part? We automate everything for you.

Quickly Build A Powerful Local Brand

Faster than billboards, direct mail, or anything else you've tried. One of our most effective strategies is promoting listings on social media (using demographic targeting to specific zip codes). Platform clients simultaneously sell their listings faster AND cultivate a powerful local brand in the zip codes they want to dominate.

No More Boring Ads

Don't just say you’re different from the competition. Be different. Using our proprietary "High Hanging Fruit" strategy, Platform clients stand out from the competition. By targeting prospects that are higher up in the sales cycle, our advertisements look and feel completely different from other agents'. The end result is that dollar for dollar, we generate more leads than the competition.

The Highest Email Open Rate In The Industry. Period.

Are you sick and tired of sending out boring emails that no one actually opens? We ruthlessly track, analyze, and test our follow up systems. Many clients report a 60% (or higher) open rate on their follow up emails. World-class lead generation requires world-class lead conversion. We've got you covered.

Dominate Your City.

We work for you—not your competition. Only one client per market, so you'll never have to worry about your competition across town stealing your strategy. Loyalty has a high ROI.

And Here's The Best Part...

$ 1,600 /month

You're probably wondering about price.

Unlike other marketing systems, we're not embarrassed of our product. We don't ask you to "call us for pricing" because we're too ashamed to publish it on our website.

We're proud of our price, and we want to brag about it. Platform is only $1,600 bucks a month!

At only $1,600/month, an entire year of Platform is less than half the cost of an employee.

But even that is comparing apples to oranges: Platform users benefit from working with our entire team of marketers. We are not a software company; we're an advertising agency that specializes in working with real estate agents.

You don't have to be a successful broker with a huge budget to use our system. You won't need to max out credit cards or get a bank loan. Platform makes it possible to invest in your business with minimal risk.

So What Are You Waiting For?

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