You’re probably wondering about price.
Unlike other marketing systems, we’re not embarrassed of our product. We don’t ask you to “call us for pricing” because we’re too ashamed to publish it on our website.
We’re proud of our price, and we want to brag about it. Platform is only $1,820 bucks a month!
At only $1,820/month, an entire year of Platform is less than half the cost of an employee.
But even that is comparing apples to oranges: Platform users benefit from working with our entire team of marketers. We are not just a software company, we are not just a lead generation company; we’re a full service advertising agency that specializes in working with real estate agents.
You don’t have to be a successful broker with a huge budget to use our system. You won’t need to max out credit cards or get a bank loan. Platform makes it possible to invest in your business with minimal risk.

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Managed marketing for real estate agents. Enthusiastic & qualified lead generation. 

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