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Christine Sparks Platform Realtor Client

Tennessee Realtor Marketing

Hi guys my name is Christine Sparks. I’m a Realtor in Tennessee, just wanted to share my honest opinion about the “Platform” marketing program. Its hard to articulate the massive impact Platform Marketing has had on my business. I had been an agent for 16 years prior to signing up and my GCI was already what most would consider successful. Adding Platform was the equivalent of pouring gasoline on my business. 🔥

There is an ease and flow of opportunities that consistently come to me because Platform is working for me while I am with clients (or better yet spending time with my family NOT working!)

I struggled for years to find marketing avenues that weren’t canned, template junk content. I wanted a social media strategy that articulated professionalism AND my personality. Platform checks all those boxes. I can be a contrarian, often silly, and dare I say snarky….while showing I am a consummate professional and not your average agent.

Hiring Platform was hands down the best business decision I have ever made.

Managed marketing for real estate agents. Enthusiastic & qualified lead generation. 


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