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Hi! I’m Debbie Caylor and I was Platform’s first client, almost 10 years ago. I started my real estate career in 1990. I always worked hard and did OK.

But the housing market really nosedived in 2008. I was prepared for a year of a soft market, but not several slow years in a row…

By 2013, I had lost everything.


I lost my home, my car, and sold all my furniture and jewelry just to eat. I had gone about a week with no food and was living on the porch of my mom’s old cabin. I was 48 years old. After applying for over 100 jobs that I didn’t get, I was at rock bottom.

That’s when this 20 something year old kid, Tim Chermak, knocked on my door. He told me about a marketing program he was starting and it didn’t have a name yet, but I was just supposed to trust him.

The last of any money I had to my name had just come in the mail that day and out of frustration, I just gave it to him.


He coached me and pushed me. Within 6 months, I had my life back. I had a home, a car, and was actually making a living! I now have an awesome business partner and a growing office.

PLATFORM is no joke. If you just listen to your Platform marketing manager, there’s no limit to how far you can go. I have seen many other agents join the PlatFam and add several hundred thousand dollars to their GCI. I’m not the only success story.

Besides being the most creative marketing company out there, you are treated like family. The relationships formed with top realtors from across the country is something you can’t get anywhere else. Platform only takes 1 agent per market, so if you’re lucky enough to be that one, stick with it!

Listening to that young guy that knocked on my door almost 10 years ago was the best business – and life – decision I have ever made!

-Debbie Caylor

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