Jenny Graham’s Story

Jenny Graham's Story

Rural Realtor Marketing

Many people think real estate agents can’t thrive in small towns. Jenny Graham is proving them wrong. The typical excuses are “there’s just not enough homes for sale,” or “the price points aren’t big enough.” While it’s true that big cities have more transaction volume (duh), small towns present a unique opportunity for ambitious realtors.

The reason is simple: most agents in small towns think marketing is a waste of time. Many of the older, more established agents in small towns arrogantly assume that they’ll always get the business. They over-rely on their friends and family to generate referrals. It’s a “good ol boys club” mentality.

The truth is, in many small towns, the top producers have never really faced any competition! Sometimes the agents making the most money have done the least to earn it. Over time, they become overconfident and complacent.

This complacency creates a compelling opportunity for agents who are willing to get creative with their local marketing. Agents like Jenny Graham.

Born and raised in in Bonners Ferry (a small town in norther Idaho right on the Canadian border), Jenny never realized she would grow up to be “famous.” And yet that’s what seems to be happening, at least at a local level. You won’t see her anytime soon on the cover of People magazine, or on reality TV shows. But she IS becoming a celebrity to the people of Bonners Ferry.

Jenny Graham has built her local brand with a surprisingly indirect strategy: rather than talking about herself, she talks about Bonners Ferry. Her social media marketing highlights her favorite restaurants, things to do, and of course homes for sale in the area. Rather than bragging about her real estate business, she brags about the community. It’s working.

Getting Noticed

When Jenny goes to her local bank, they don’t even ask to see an ID anymore. They recognize her. When she’s out and about, Jenny regularly meets complete strangers who ask her, “Hey, you’re that realtor on Facebook right?”

Of course, the answer is yes. She is that realtor on Facebook.

When she does talk about herself on social media, it’s usually fun, creative, and a bit self-deprecating. For instance, one of her recent ads featured Jenny wearing an obnoxiously fluorescent 1980’s wind jacket. The caption on the post said, “I’ll fight harder for you than people fought against wind in the 1980’s.” A local restaurant liked the ad so much they approached Jenny to help them promote a 1980’s themed night.

Homeowners are now regularly reaching out to her because they love her ads. She is seen as a creative marketer who loves to promote the community….who just happens to be a real estate agent. See the difference?

Even though she doesn’t aggressively promote herself with her ads, it’s not surprising that her real estate business is rapidly growing. She’s on pace to have her best year ever.

Jenny’s Podcast

To learn the details of Jenny’s hyperlocal marketing plan (and learn more about the specific ads she uses), listen to this new podcast episode:

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