Platform FAQ’s

Platform Realtor Marketing FAQs

Platform FAQ’s

REALTORS….ready to sign up? Here are the most common FAQ’s that agents ask us about our marketing program:

1) I’m already a top producer.

I don’t want more “leads,” I just want to build a better brand in my market. Is that something Platform can help me with?
Yes, absolutely. In fact, this is what we SPECIALIZE IN. Unlike most other companies, we believe that lead generation is not synonymous with marketing. The best “leads” are not strangers who click on ads….they are warm referrals.

2) What’s the price? Is it affordable for the average real estate agent?

Platform costs less than hiring a minimum wage employee. We are very, very proud of how affordable our marketing program is! It only costs $1820/month. And to make it even more affordable, we offer a significant discount for the first six months. Our fee is peanuts compared to the upside of selling an additional 10-20 homes a year.

3) Will you lock me into a long-term contract?

Heck no. One of our core values as a company is that we believe getting our clients RESULTS is a better retention strategy than locking them into contracts. We’re willing to bet our entire business model on this. Think about it…if realtors weren’t getting results using Platform, we wouldn’t have a business because they would all quit! Having no long-term contracts perfectly aligns our incentives. We are only successful if YOU are successful. We dare you to find another marketing company that’s willing to bet their entire business on this. That’s how confident we are that you will sell more houses.

4) I don’t have time to film and edit videos. Can you help with that?

Yep! We will give you specific video ideas, AND we will edit all of your videos for you. We have a full-time technical team whose job it is to professionally edit videos. They all have fancy supercomputers and professional video production software (our team uses the Adobe Creative Suite). We will even add professional graphics and animations to your videos. Platform is the marketing equivalent of an all-you-can-eat buffet. We will edit as many videos every month as you need! And we will upload them to Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, as well as emailing the videos to your leads. It’s like having a full-blown personal marketing department. This alone can save you 5-10 hours a week. So you have more time to sell houses!
Soon you will have the reputation of being THE most well-known realtor on social media in your community.

5) I don’t really have a CRM or any marketing software. I’ve been winging it most of my career so far. Does Platform help me with the follow up emails, text messages, and lead conversion?

Totally! We’ve developed our own proprietary lead follow up software. The #1 thing we hear from clients is that it’s “easy to use,” and simpler than other CRM’s they’ve tried before. If you want to keep using your own CRM, you can do that too! No worries.

6) I’m a brand new agent. I don’t have a lot of money to spend, and if I’m going to give this a try I need to see quick results. Does it make sense for newer agents with a limited budget to try Platform?

Yes, we offer a MAJOR discount on your first 6 months so that any agent can afford to get started. If you’re willing to invest in yourself, we are willing to invest in your success by giving you a great deal on our normal fee. We have many amazing success stories of newer agents who immediately became top producers thanks to Platform marketing campaigns (Taylor Onken, Heather Mutz, Veronica Bradley, Patrick Chamberlin, Jeremy Hartmark)

7) How are you different from other marketing programs like Ylopo, Curaytor, Boomtown, or CINC?

There are three very important distinctions between us and the “competition.” First, we have no long-term contracts. We believe that the ultimate vote of confidence that our system ACTUALLY WORKS is not locking you into a long-term contract.

Second, most other companies are selling you an IDX website with a CRM. We believe that’s an outdated way of marketing yourself, so we don’t focus on your website at all (most leads prefer to look at homes using or Zillow anyways). Instead we focus on building independent marketing campaigns that build your brand and generate warm leads. Our campaigns have over a 10x higher conversion rate than the average realtor website.

Finally, we only work with 1 realtor per market. No other company does this. Other programs like Curaytor, CINC, Boomtown, etc have tens of thousands of users. We are extremely exclusive, and only work with about 200 realtors around the country. Our strict policy of 1 agent per market means we’ll always be a smaller company than our competition, but we focus on quality over quantity. The results we get for realtors speak for themselves!

8) Does Platform really only work with 1 agent per market? Sounds too good to be true.

Yes, it’s true. We are incredibly strict about this, and we unfortunately have to tell people everyday “sorry you can’t sign up because your market is already taken.” Many cities actually have a waiting list. The reason we do this is because it protects our clients’ businesses! They are the only realtor in their city who is running our proprietary marketing campaigns…so the campaigns naturally perform better because they are so unique. The system simply wouldn’t work as well if 10 other agents in your community were running the exact same ads. And yet that’s exactly what other marketing companies do. Isn’t the entire point of marketing to stand out and be unique?!

Obviously, this means we make less money than other marketing programs who have 5 or even 10 agents in just one zip code. But we are focused on quality, not quantity.

We’re a family owned business and we don’t have any investors to answer to. We focus on long term results, not short term profits.

Who is the “perfect fit” for Platform? Is there a specific type of realtor who would benefit the most, or is it a general program for anyone?

We won’t dodge the question and give you a BS answer like “Platform works for everyone everywhere all the time!”

Here’s the truth: the perfect fit for Platform is an ambitious realtor who is “stuck” at a plateau of around $100,000 in GCI, and wants to get to $200,000 and beyond. We’ve even helped many agents who were already at $200,000 in GCI nearly double their business.

Of course we have many success stories of agents who were starting from almost nothing and are now superstars, but the ideal agent is someone who has already tasted some success…and wants to become a celebrity in their community. We can help you achieve that.

Remember we only work with 1 agent per market. See if your area is available here:

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